Wednesday morning yoga with Susannah

£26 for 4 week block
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    Working with the whole body, we will focus on breath awareness and relaxation, whilst improving our alignment and flexibility through classic Hatha yoga asanas.

    Our practice will include dynamic poses for flow and movement and static poses for strength and grounding. This welcoming and relaxed class is suitable for beginners and intermediates alike and will be adapted to your needs. 

    You can expect to leave class feeling calm, alert and more energised in body and mind.

    Susannah is an experienced Yoga teacher who has been practising for over 25 years and teaching since 2003. She has worked with diverse client groups, including pregnant women, and can suggest modifications based on individual needs. 

    What people say about Susannah’s classes:

    “After class I feel great, like I have had a full body massage only better.” S.B.

    “I always feel very energetic after class. Like I have a new lease of life.” J.R.

    “I love the non-intimidating, welcoming atmosphere of the class. I’ve tried many classes before but never stuck around as it was either too hectic, competitive and or airy fairy for me. I like how this class challenges us but always meets us where we are.” S.R.

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