Tasting – Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin


    Gorse Gin is a classic London Dry gin. Gorse petals, foraged from Lundin golf course, are one of the key botanicals. Iain, the distiller, describes gorse as “a sublime botanical to distil with; sweet, nutty and slightly peppery, they add sophisticated structure in the gin”.

    Lundin Gin’s process is simple. They add all of their botanicals to the still’s kettle and after a gentle overnight maceration, crank up the steam boiler and let the magic begin. They don’t chill-filter the spirits. This maximizes the taste and syrupy-mouthfeel of Gorse Gin.

    Lundin Distilling Gorse Gin was awarded a Silver Medal in the 2018 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

    Come along on 30th March and try this very special Fife gin for yourself.