Sunday Herbal Walks with Call of the Wild (May To August)


    This course offers an introductory session on observing and valuing wild plants amidst the cozy setting of Loch Leven’s Larder. Led by Hamish from Call of the Wild, an expert in herbal lore, participants will embark on an enlightening herbal walk through the fields and hedgerows enveloping the farm. Discover the captivating folklore, medicinal benefits, and practical applications of the indigenous flora. The walk will conclude back at Loch Leven’s Larder, where Hamish will demonstrate how to craft herbal tea using freshly gathered plants, while also providing an opportunity for questions and discussions.

    Duration: 3 Hours (10am-1pm)

    What you’ll need: Good footwear, waterproof jacket, note pad

    Limited to: 15 people per walk

    Tickets can be purchases below:


    Sunday 26th May Ticket

    Sunday 26th May Lunch Ticket


    Sunday 16th June Ticket

    Sunday 16th June Lunch Ticket 


    Sunday 21st July Ticket

    Sunday 21st July Lunch Ticket


    Sunday 18th August Ticket 

    Sunday 18th August Lunch Ticket