Pop-up Shop Weekends – Livie Upholstery & Vintage Furniture


    22nd & 23rd June | 20th & 21st July | 9am-5.30pm

    We’re delighted to host Livie Upholstery’s pop-up shop in our lodge.

    A husband and wife team who love finding unloved pieces of furniture (especially chairs!) and then set about working on them using their individual skills.

    Ann has completed her three year AMUSF (Accredited Upholstery) qualification and whilst Cam’s 30+ years of building experience lends him to the restoration of the furniture, he has also started his upholstery training.

    There will be a range of their upholstered vintage chairs, bespoke footstools and other vintage pieces for sale at the pop-ups. However, Ann and Cam will also be on hand to discuss how they can transform and rejuvenate an unloved or an old family heirloom for you, into something beautiful that will last for years to come.

    Livie Upholstery are able to take card payments.

    Visit www.livieupholstery.com for more information.