Planning & Planting a Herbal Garden with Call of the Wild


    Hamish and his family have a deep rooted love for nature, which is central to everything they do. Their vision, is to enhance biodiversity, increase regeneration and help the conservation of their sacred SSSI woodland (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and surrounding land, whilst living as self sufficiently and sustainably as possible, leaving a minimal footprint.

    In this course, we’ll delve into the art of herb garden design and planting combinations. With Hamish leading the way, we’ll explore the harmonious fusion of culinary herbs, edible flowers, shrubs, and native plants. Our aim? To create vibrant garden landscapes that not only delight the senses with color and fragrance but also nourish the body and soul with food and medicinal benefits. Join us on this journey to cultivate both beauty and wellness in your outdoor spaces.

    What you will need: Pencils, note pad and drawing pad

    This course is limited to 15 people with a lunch ticket add on £15 (includes main course & pudding)

    Please note Hamish will not be joining guests for lunch.

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    Purchase your lunch tickets here.