Planning a Vegetable Garden with Call of the Wild

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    Hamish and his family have a deep rooted love for nature, which is central to everything they do. Their vision, is to enhance biodiversity, increase regeneration and help the conservation of their sacred SSSI woodland (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) and surrounding land, whilst living as self sufficiently and sustainably as possible, leaving a minimal footprint.

    Join us for a comprehensive course on designing and planning your very own vegetable garden, regardless of its size. Hamish will delve into topics such as soil types, seasonality, and companion planting, while also exploring various growing options like raised beds, direct drilling, and container planting. Additionally, he’ll offer insights on natural feeds, pest control, and aligning your gardening practices with the rhythms of nature.

    What you will need: Pencils, note pad and drawing pad

    This course is limited to 15 people with a lunch ticket add on £15 (includes main course, pudding & hot drink) You can purchase these tickets separately via our online shop.

    Please note Hamish will not be joining guests for lunch.

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    Purchase your lunch tickets here.