Mother’s Day 2022

Every single day is a good day to make a fuss of our mum’s, but especially Mother’s Day- why not join us at the Larder for a special celebration.

We are taking pre-booked reservations only for this day- Sunday 27th March. To book a table or find out further details then please call us to speak to a member of staff- 01592 841000.

Afternoon tea is available only if pre-booked, we have an amazing menu available on the day too-

Come on in – our water’s lovely!

Something we do rather well at in Scotland…water! We now have a water station in our new Greenhouse Café, so please feel free to top up your water bottles there or help yourself to a glass.


It’s kale season

We love kale – it’s high fibre, packed with minerals and vitamins, versatile and tasty.

Did you know that…

  • Gram for gram, kale has 17 times the amount of vitamin C than carrots?
  • Kale is an excellent source of iron
  • Kale is has loads of calcium, making it a great food for those following a dairy-free diet

Find out more at

Kale cook book by Christopher TrotterBuy Christopher Trotter’s book from our deli

“[Kale] is also synonymous with Scotland because it can survive a harsh Scottish winter and I can wander into my snow-clad garden and the only thing visible are the tops of the vibrant green leaves thrusting through the icy carpet. Indeed, like the brussels sprout, the flavour changes from a mild to a more spicy flavour after it has been frosted, when some of the starch has been converted to sugar. The deeply intense flavours marry well with spices, nuts and fruit.”

Kale by Christopher Trotter

Need further inspiration – why not try these recipes?

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Stir fried kale with tahini, chilli and soy

Katy Gilhooley’s Kale and Goat’s Cheese Frittata

Rick Stein’s Grilled salmon with curly kale & a Noilly Prat sauce

Baking recipes for dogs

Introducing the Hairy Bakers

Want to know how to prepare delicious healthy treats for your dogs? This entertaining book, written by Tilly & Mungo, mother and son jackadoodles, with a little helps from owners Caroline & Christopher Trotter, shows you how.

It includes ten easy-to-prepare snacks, from banana barkottis to sweet potato wedges with cinnamon & turmeric.

A great book for all dog lovers and an ideal present at just £10 and available in our deli.

We’re delighted to be the sponsor of Christopher’s latest book, Cauliflower, also available to buy in our deli.

Bread – freshly-made, every day

We’ve been doing all of our own baking since we opened in 2005.

We are particularly proud of our bread as many other cafés and restaurants just buy their bread in and so much today is produced on a massive, industrial scale.

What makes our bread different?

Our pastry chefs spend hours each day making our bread dough. To create the dough for supermarket-style bread, high-speed industrial mixers produces dough in minutes.

We use premium, high quality flour, whereas industrially produced bread tends to use cheaper flours to cut costs. But there is a cost as improvers, emulsifiers, preservatives, fats and anti-fungal sprays are added to make the dough softer, to increase volume and to prolong shelf-life.

Our basic bread recipe uses just four ingredients: quality flour, yeast, salt and water. No relaxants, improvers, enzymes, stabilisers or preservatives; plenty of warmth, plenty of time and plenty of skill.

Why not pick up a loaf or two when you’re next in?