Sustainability & environment

Our environment is important to us and from the very start, we’ve invested in sustainability throughout our entire operation.

Seedlings at Channel Farm

We use local suppliers where appropriate. As a working farm, many of our vegetables are sold in the shop and used in the café have no real food miles.

In our cafés, teabags are biodegradable and sugar, salt and pepper are all served in jars so as not to waste packaging. We also sell reusable bags and also provide recyclable paper bags and will be sourcing paper straws instead of single use plastic ones. All glass, cans, cardboard and paper is recycled.

In our new Greenhouse Café we have sourced all biodegradable packaging and vegetable-based cutlery and in the bathrooms we use refillable soap dispensers.

We have a water station to allow customers and visitors free access to water and will encourage the use of water bottles, which can be filled there rather than buying plastic water bottles.

We use sustainable farming practices on Channel Farm, encouraging biodiversity through the use of wintering stubble, buffer strips and beetle banks.

We’ve also optimised our energy usage, with solar panels and a biomass heating system. For renewables, we have 100% non-landfill and for 78.9% recyclables.

Our staff are trained to  understand and implement our recycling policy and the importance of not wasting energy. One of our members of staff pointed out that we recycle the banter too! #cheeky.

Solar panels at the Larder
Our solar panels generate over 35,500 KWhrs every year
Seedlings at Channel Farm
Seedlings at Channel Farm
The water station in our Greenhouse Cafe
The water station in our Greenhouse Cafe
Recycling bins at the Larder
We recycle over 75% of our waste


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