Channel Farm

Our story

Wondering where our wonderful vegetables come from?

We grow them on our family farm, Channel of Pittendreich. Look through the windows at the Larder and you’ll see our fields – it’s not a long journey from our field to your plate.

You can find out more about our family story here – how we started out by continuing the family tradition of vegetable farming, then built the Larder on our fields.

About our family farm

Channel Farm has high-rainfall, a south-facing aspect, cool summer temperatures at 400′ above sea-level. In other words, the perfect conditions for vegetable farming.

Wooden crates used to deliver our vegetables to market

Which vegetables do we grow?

Leeks, sweetheart cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots and broccoli.

And don’t forget the Brussel sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflowers, beetroot, curly kale and courgettes.

Or the cavolo nero, hispi cabbage, romanesco, pumpkins, parsnips, turnips, oats and wheat!

We’re proud of the flavourful vegetables that we produce, our farming techniques and our honest approach to food production.

Come and see for yourself

In fact, we’d love you to come for a closer look – we have opened up our fields to the public. Walk alongside our crops as you enjoy the Loch Leven Heritage Trail.

Where to find our veg

You’ll find our vegetables for sale in our farm shop, in the variety of seasonal treats that our chefs create for our deli and on plates in our  cafés. We’re also proud to supply the likes of Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Asda and in fine produce such as Kettle Chips and Scott’s Porage Oats.

Seedlings at Channel Farm

“There is a thrill in the timelessness on the land. I have always liked the feeling of carrying on something that is bigger than me, something that stretches back through other hands and other eyes into the depths of time. To work the land is a humbling thing, the opposite of conquering a mountain if you like; it liberates you from any illusion of self-importance.”

The Shepherd’s Life by James Rebanks


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What better way to spend this Mother’s Day weekend than a relaxing day out at Loch Leven’s Larder where we’ll be dishing up an extra special menu.💐 For this weekend only, our Larder Café will be accepting bookings to ensure you and your party a delightful day out with peace of mind. Book your table […]

As some of you will already know, Emma and Rob have set themselves another massive new challenge, and a privilege – running the London Marathon together on April 21st 2024.