Loch Leven Heritage Trail Scooters now available to pre-book from Loch Leven and RSPB

Kinross-shire Partnership Trail Scooters can now be booked twice daily from Loch Leven’s Larder.

We have a Morning Slot and Afternoon Slot:

AM session  (9am return by 12 noon)

PM session (1pm return by 4pm)

Please note the Trail Scooters will be out of service between 12 and 1pm for a ‘top up charge’.

Anyone wishing to book the Trail Scooters must book in advance by contacting Loch Leven’s Larder on 01592 841000.

You will be asked to complete a Registration Form every time you loan one of the Trail Scooters (see Terms and Conditions). Two forms of ID are required when coming to use the Trail Scooter. One must be photographic eg passport, driving license etc and must contain proof of address eg Utility Bill etc.

There are two Trail Scooters currently available, one to be managed by ourselves the other by the team at RSPB Vane Farm but for the time being until the RSPB are fully operational we will be managing both. 

Scooters must be collected and dropped off from the same point. The Trail Scooters have their own registration plaques to ensure you return to the correct location:

KY13LLL (Loch Leven’s Larder)

KY14RSPB (RSPB Vane Farm)*

*currently both should be collected and returned to Loch Leven’s Larder until further notice.

The Trail Scooters are available to hire 7 days per week.

Whilst the Trail Scooter scheme is free and run voluntarily the annual costs for their upkeep is significant and funding isn’t always available. Therefore a small donation of £10 is requested for their service and upkeep to ensure the longevity of the scheme for all.

You can book by calling 01592 841000.

Kinross-shire Partnership fund and maintain the Trail Scooters.

Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust have routes of Loch Leven available to download from their website.

RSPB Loch Leven Trail Scooters can also be hired from here.