Monthly Producer Feature, June 2021

Bare Baxe is a small local business run by two friends Megan and Jan based in Fife. They produce a range of free-from Granola. We recently interviewed them and asked them all about Bare Baxe and how it began, here’s what they had to say:

1. How did you get started? 
Bare Baxe was founded by like-minded friends, dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle. Bare Baxe had always been an aspiration of Megan’s due to her long-term health condition. This health condition was exacerbated by eating certain foods that triggered her symptoms. When looking to purchase these ‘free from’ products she learned there was very little on the market that didn’t include high amounts of sugar and fat. After that, she approached a friend who had experience in baking and they developed products together which then became Bare Baxe.
2. What do you enjoy most about what you do?
We love knowing that we are providing a healthier, tasty, filling product that everyone can enjoy even if you have a restricted diet. We believe in our product, we enjoy it daily too!
3. What did you do before you created Bare Baxe?
We started Bare Baxe as a hobby which has now turned into something bigger than expected. We both still have other full time employment, Megan being self employed in the fitness industry and Jan works for the NHS.
5. What was is your inspiration for creating your delicious products?
There was no ‘free from’ Granola on the market that was healthy, low in sugar and fat. We like to eat healthily and with Megan’s health condition this inspired us to create something that wasn’t obtainable on the market.
6. Future plans?
We would love to expand to other stores and Farm Shops across the UK, we also have plans for other exciting products.
7. Favourite ingredients?
We both love the sweetness of the dried fruit but like everyone else you’ve got to love the chocolate orange. 
8. Favourite place to eat?
Any local restaurant that serves fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
9. Favourite time of the year?
We both enjoy exercising, being in nature and fresh air so it’s got to be Summer. 
10 Have you a Top Tip?
Have you tried dipping your ice cream cone into our Granola – perfect for summer? 
11 Biggest challenges you have faced relating to your business?
It took us some time to find our niche with our products, we started by making cakes, cookies, and bake boxes but we soon realised there were a few issues and limitations to selling these products online. We trialed Granola and this is now our most popular product and has allowed us to expand and grow our business.
12 Do you have an inspirational story for anyone coming into the sector or related to your business?
We started Bare Baxe from an idea and just decided to go for it, we had no idea that a dream would turn into a reality of a food business selling products in numerous locations and just in a year. If you have a passion and believe in your product then go for it and don’t look back because that’s exactly what we’ve done. 

Bare Baxe Granola Cheesecake Recipe

Vilalife cocoa spread
Oykos Stracciatella Coconut Greek Style yogurt 
Chocolate and Banana granola 
Mix the cocoa spread and granola, layering the bottom of a cake mould 
Mix the yogurt and cocoa spread, layer on top of the granola mix
Top with yogurt and a fresh strawberry, 
Remove the cake mould and enjoy.  
You can find a range of Bare Baxe Granola in our Food Hall.

You can find Bare Baxe Granola available at Loch Leven’s Larder in our Food Hall.