Down on Channel Farm—August report

Farming is all about the weather… too dry, too wet, too hot, too humid? It’s not often a farmer will say the month has been about right!

This time we’ve had a cool and dry month with just enough rain to prevent costly irrigation. Plus the vegetable crops can get stressed in hot dry summers, but slow growth causes increased yields and better quality.

Our potatoes also are bulking up slowly, and quality looks good. The tuber numbers appear light due to the dry spring, but hopefully the final size will counterbalance this.

Our cereal crops are now only weeks away from harvest and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a settled spell of weather so the crops can dry off before harvest.

You can see above that our environmental ‘Green Manure Rotation’, part of the new Agri-Environmental Climate Scheme, is now in full flower. This has created a wildlife habitat as well as a nitrogen and carbon capture benefitting the soil.