Down on Channel Farm—July report

Broccoli harvest started this week, with crops benefitting from a combination of recent rainfall and heat. The market place is temperature dependant and as heat increases, demand falls!

Potato crops also look well, with irrigation throughout May and June necessary to maintain skin finish on the Maris Piper and Saxon crops. Really too early to tell how the price will react to unusual market conditions, pleased to have a contract with Branston, our local packer.

Malting barley prospects again could be volatile again underlining the importance with our long term contract with Simpsons Malt on Golden Promise and Laureate varieties.

Wheat crops had a really challenging winter with wet weather followed by a dry spring restricting potential. Heat and sunshine will help the recovery for a product that will certainly be in short supply… keep buying flour!

Our Environmental crops are all sown and looking well, with 50 acres of Green Manure Cover going sown in May, and another 50 acres being sown in September following early lift carrots.