Down on Channel Farm-October report

The first of the cold weather always sends a cold shiver down the neck–a reminder that damaging frosts are not far away. The cereal harvest was completed in a short snap of dry weather, allowing the straw to be baled in good order.

25% of the  broccoli is yet to be harvested; it will be ready in the next four weeks. Potato harvesting has been a real challenge with 50mm of rain in the last fortnight, better weather this week has helped. With 1000 tonnes still in the field, both the potatoes and the broccoli would suffer from an early frost.

Winter sowings are  progressing with the first fields of winter oats being sown. The winter wheats will follow in the middle of October.

The Farmers Almanac says ‘the Three Days of September (19th, 21st & 23rd) rule the weather for October, November and December.’

This year was 19º and dry…