Wellbeing at the Larder

There’s plenty going on at the Larder for health, wellbeing and time outside.

Yoga classes are starting up soon, run by local yoga teachers, Susannah and Jessica. These will take place on Wednesday and Thursday mornings and on Friday evenings.

Having a little one in tow doesn’t need to stop you –we’ve buggy fitness with Julie (Tuesdays), an outside class which takes place on the field.

We also have a mindful dance fitness class on a Monday morning, run by Cat, and Saturday sees our regular Parkrun, run by the welcoming local volunteers.

MondayNia dance fitness with Cat
TuesdayBuggy Fitness with Julie
WednesdayYoga with Susannahfresh fish from Hutchison’s
ThursdayYoga with Jessica
FridayYoga & running with Jessica
Anytime—use our 2.5km loop; explore the Loch Leven Heritage Trail; re-fill your water bottle in our Greenhouse Café and stock up on fresh, local, seasonal vegetables from Channel Farm!